Jazz Internet Packages for 4G Devices 2023-Updated Bundles

Discover Jazz internet packages for 4G devices. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual surfer or a serious streamer – Jazz has something for everyone. These packages are budget-friendly and offer plenty of data to keep you connected all month long.

Whether you’re scrolling through social media, binge-watching your favorite shows, or working remotely, Jazz’s 4G internet is there to support you.

Count on Jazz, Pakistan’s trusted telecom provider, to deliver speedy and reliable internet, so you can make the most of your 4G device. Stay connected, enjoy smooth online experiences, and never miss a beat!

Internet Packages for 4G Devices
PriceRs 2000
Details60 GB of internet data (30 GB 1AM-1PM)
Validity30 days
Subscription code*117*73#
Status check code*117*73*2#
Un-subscribe code*117*73*4#

Mega Bundle

PriceRs 2400
Details110 GB of internet data
Validity30 days
Subscription code*117*36#
Status check code*117*36*2#
Un-subscribe code*117*36*4#

Heavy Bundle

PriceRs 3000
Details180 GB of internet data
Validity30 days
Subscription code*117*74#
Status check code*117*74*2#
Un-subscribe code*117*74*4#

3-Months bundle

PriceRs 6500
Details65 GB of internet data
Validity90 days
Subscription code*117*15#
Status check code*117*17*2#
Un-subscribe code*117*15*4#

6-Months Bundle

PriceRs 14000
Details100 GB of internet data
Validity180 days
Subscription code*117*16#
Status check code*117*18*2#
Un-subscribe code*117*16*4#

For any further information, contact Jazz Help or call 111.


What is the price of a Jazz 4G cloud device in Pakistan?

Jazz super 4G cloud device price in Pakistan is 4500 rupees per month.

What is Jazz 60GB monthly package?

In regular bundle, jazz provides 60 GB of internet data for a month. To subscribe, dial *117*73#

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